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Why Do Pastors Exist in the Church?

Pastors exist for the church and not the church for pastors.

Pastors exist in the church not especially because of their knowledge and skills but because of their godly qualifications.

Pastors exist not simply for their livelihood but to give up their lives for the welfare of the church.

Pastors exist not to point believers to themselves but to Christ, who is their Lord and Savior.

Pastors exist not as priests between God and believers but to build and encourage the priesthood of all believers.

Pastors exist not to be served by the church but to serve the church with humility.

Pastors exist not just to give exhortations to believers but also to set themselves as examples to the church.

Pastors exist not to use believers only to support their ministry but to equip the saints for ministry.

Pastors exist not essentially to lead services and programs but to make obedient disciples for Christ.

Pastors exist not to do one-man ministry but to motivate every-member ministry.

Pastors exist no…

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