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Success in Job or Business Doesn’t Guarantee Faithful Service in Church

Note: This article addresses pastors, who may be either bi-vocational or full-time church workers, to consider carefully about the entrustment of great responsibilities in church to those who are prosperous in their jobs or businesses. Also, this message is an encouragement to believers to understand the difference between the marketplace and the church.

The Lord in His grace and mercy saves all kinds of people—poor and rich, educated and uneducated, great and small, and adds them to His church. So it is good to have people in church who are proven successful in their job or business careers. They can be a great blessing and encouragement to the church.

Having said that, as shepherds of God’s flock, we must be careful not to give such people too much attention and prematurely elevate them to high responsible positions in church. Considering their position, success, and salary, I have seen pastors and leaders hastily giving these people great responsible positions in church. I am afrai…

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